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The British Airways Flight Safety Awareness Course was developed for staff of Health & Safety conscious companies. It is designed to enhance confidence in flying by increasing knowledge and awareness of safety procedures. Delegates are given the opportunity to experience a simulated aircraft emergency situation and are then given a full debrief with safety advice and techniques for travelling on board and staying in hotels around the world.

This half day course is fully inclusive of the following:
  • Tea and coffee on arrival, served in a private function room.
  • Course commencement and Health & Safety introduction.
  • Simulated flight on a full motion Boeing 737 cabin simulator, leading to an emergency landing and full aircraft evacuation from a smoke-filled environment.
  • Full exercise debrief on the simulator with safety advice, information and techniques.
  • Practical door and overwing exit operation on a Boeing 737.
  • Break for tea, coffee and biscuits.
  • Emergency evacuation slide descents from an Airbus A320.
  • Discussion on Ditching ( aircraft landing on water ), including a demonstration of life jackets.
  • Discussion on Decompression ( loss of cabin pressurisation ), including the use of oxygen masks.
  • Smoke training with information relevant to aircraft and hotel environments.
  • Guidance on hotel safety.

It's an informative practical course which is loads of fun and a great chance to look after your team!

Corporate courses are excellent value at just £135 per person, excluding VAT. This is based on a minimum charge for twenty delegates. We can accommodate a maximum of forty delegates per course.

Courses can be booked most days, morning and afternoon. A buffet lunch can also be arranged for £20 per person.

Our Customers

Below are just some of the Health and Safety conscious companies that have made this course available to their staff.


BHP Billiton

What The Press Say
Some press organisations have participated in the Flight Safety Awareness Course and have reported on their experiences.

The major news channel CNN made a documentary on their experience, click the play arrows on the videos below to see extracts of this programme.

The following newspapers had the following to say about their experiences

The Times reported that they would recommend the Flight Safety Awareness Course to frequent flyers as, although it is a sobering course, the important and useful safety information is delivered in an entertaining way that makes for an enjoyable afternoon.

The Sunday Times said that the course is Health and Safety the fun way, jumping down evacuation slides and escaping from a smoke filled environment.


Age Limit

The minimum age is eighteen.

Security Restrictions

To ensure all guests can pass through Security, we require:
  • Notification of all names with a minimum of twenty four hours notice.
  • All guests to produce two forms of identification such as a passport, driving licence or photographic company ID card.

Cabin Evacuation Exercise

We use simple theatrical smoke in cabin safety training but please tell us if you have anyone with a medical problem such as a heart condition, asthma or claustrophobia. Our events involve a degree of physical mobility and so may not be suitable for some people. Please check with us.

Emergency Evacuation Slide Descents

We recommend that the following groups of people do not take part:
  • Ladies who are, or could possibly be, pregnant.
  • Anyone with back, joint or mobility problems.
Please note:
Sandals, shoes with heels higher than 25 mm, open toed or open backed shoes are not permitted to be worn for descents on the evacuation slides. Trainers are the ideal footwear for this exercise. Although protective overalls are provided, we recommend that ladies wear trousers.

Further Information

For Further information, availability or details on prices, please fill in an Event Request and you'll be contacted by our Corporate Account Manager.

Should you wish to discuss your needs in person please call us.
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Courses for Individuals

Whether you’re a business traveller or take the occasional flight, we can offer a selection of courses as detailed below.

Places are available at a cost of £162 incl VAT (£135 ex VAT) per person.

To register your interest, please click as appropriate:

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Tue 21 Oct 2014 13:00 - 17:30

Thu 20 Nov 2014 13:00 - 17:30

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Please note, this is an active course so some health and security restrictions apply.